Mental Health Resources For Women

B.N.L. Counseling Resources provides psychoeducation & resources tailored to the workforce & reproductive mental health needs of women. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Career Anxiety, Adjustments & Burnout

  • Career & Fertility Anxiety & Depression 

  • Coping with Miscarriage Loss & Infertility

  • Finding your voice

  • Returning to work after grief &loss

Please note: Individual & group mental  counseling sessions are not available.

Confident Woman


My name is Faith Doyle, Mental Health Therapist

Who am I?

My name is Faith...I'm a wife, educator, counselor & advocate for women's mental health. I've always had a passion for mental health & helping others. As a female therapist, my mission has always been to create a safe space for women to explore mental health topics that impact them. In December of 2022, I decided to close down my counseling practice, to pursue other career endeavors. However, I created B.N.L. Counseling Resources to provide a space for women surrounding career & reproductive mental health resources & services. 

My Educational Background

 B.S. in Education (Eastern Michigan University)

M.A. in Counseling (Wayne State University) 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LPC) License # 6​4​0​1​0​1​2​5​8​4

Certified Life Coach (Life Coach Training Institute)



As this time I don't provide medical advice, mental health counseling services or diagnosis mental health disorders. Please utilize the counseling resources on this site at your own risk (conduct your own research). If you feel further assistance is needed, please contact your medical professional for additional services or support. 

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Find a Counselor/Therapist

A list of counseling websites to find a counselor that will fit your mental health needs. Mental health resources also provided for whose living in the State of Michigan. 


Check out the blogs for helpful information, tips, knowledge on relevant topics surrounding mental health. 

Mental Health Resources 

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Finding helpful workplace mental health related topics.